Monday, April 1, 2013

Haven by Kristi Cook

Title: Haven
Author: Kristi Cook
Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy
Pages: 416
Rating: 16 + (for some sensuality)
Review Rating: 3/4

Destiny brought them together. Now it will tear them apart.

Violet doesn’t understand why she feels drawn to the Winterhaven School, she just knows it’s the right place for her. When she discovers the school’s secret, it all makes sense: everyone at Winterhaven has psychic gifts. For the first time in her life Violet doesn’t have to hide her visions. She’s always seen them as a curse, but now she can hone her ability and try to control it.
But she’s thrown completely off balance when she meets the most alluring—and most mysterious—boy in school. She’s never connected with anyone the way she does with Aidan, and the intensity takes them both by surprise. But as their relationship deepens, she begins to have visions of Aidan’s death—and sees that she’s the one who’s fated to kill him.
Violet’s never been able to prevent her visions from coming true. But this time she’ll do whatever it takes... even if it means sacrificing herself for the boy she loves.

I really liked this book. From the moment it starts with Violet entering the Winterhaven school, I was hooked. Because we are smart and because we have all read the back of the book, we know there is something up with the school. Even if it takes our main character a while to figure it out. But 'the reveal' was not corny or cheesy. It was believable and her reaction was right on par with the situation.
As the book starts, you jump in with Violet to school and classes. She makes friends very easy (a little two easy, as she doesn't really have anyone in the school that doesn't like her) meets this amazing guy that won't date anyone in the school, but has somehow become enthralled by her, and learns she is in a school of psychics. The mysterious boy element has been way over done, but its something that we are readers love, so them as authors continue to write. Aidan, though has a secret that we don't find out about until half way through the book.
While Violet and Aidan fall in love, Violet soon discovers that he is much more dangerous then she knew and has to make a choice of helping him and loving him, or letting him die. While they are a hot passionate couple, he is on again, off again through almost the whole book. It made me want the main character to dump him until he made up his mind, but they came together in the end. She also discovers that she is not only a gifted precog, she also is one of three women in the world that could kill Aidan.
So the big climax comes when she learns her own power and uses it to protect the man she loves and save her friends.
Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, Aidan turns out to be a vampire (totally didn't catch that one when I picked up the book!) and the reason he is at the school is because he is looking for a scientific cure. He describes vampirism as a blood disease. I really like this approach because, in teen fiction, it hasn't been done before. The origins of the vampire haven't really been touched. Coming at the problem from a scientific way is very interesting.
She also adds a bit of sensuality into the story because a vampires release is caused by biting at the same time as intercourse. So there is this whole underlying thing through the whole book of whether or not they are going to sleep together. Violet see's a vision, showing her and Aidan together in bed, so you would assume that in later books they will end up sleeping together.
Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read, the story kind of flying by.

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