Monday, April 29, 2013

New Rating System

Everyone knows starred reviews, which is why most of us go with them when we are review books. But I was getting tired with the old 3 out of 4 stars or whatever. So, my husband came up with a really great way for me to review novels.

First, I want you to think of your book shelf. There's the top shelf (or shelves), middle shelf (or shelves), and bottom shelf (or shelves). Think of the books you put on those shelves. I personally put books I love the most on the top, ones I liked on middle, and ones that were just okay on the bottom. Then there is the 'I never should have picked this book up' box next to the book shelf.

My husband and I were talking about recent books I've read and where I would put them on the shelf when he looked at me like he had just solved world hunger.

"Use your book shelf!" I thought he had possibly hurt his head, or suddenly gone crazy, so I just sat there looking at him blankly.

"Hu?" I really didn't have any idea what hew as talking about.

"Use your book shelf for you ratings. Ones you put up on the top shelf, on the middle, on the bottom and in the box!"

My husband is BRILLIANT! (and pretty frickin' hot!)

So that is my new Rating System.

Four star rating = Top Shelf
Two and Three star rating = Middle Shelf
One star rating = Bottom Shelf
Zero star rating = 'Never should have picked this book' box, or just The Box

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